The Third Age of the Holy Akarlan Empire
Capital Kayrakran
Largest city Chihella
Official languages Emian, Tisri, Alavani, Holish, Prenta
Demonym Akarlan
Government Federal Emianic Monarchy
• King
Mak Tilerek
• Queen
Elian Maksi
• Lord
Moser Tamirek
• Lord
Hantersian Elatorek
• Lady
Kolita Himbarsi
Establishment The Holy Akarian Empire
• 7 Tribe Union, Dawn of First Age
• Conquest of the North, Dawn of Second Age
• Conquest of Prentasia, Dawn of Third Age
• Estimate
The Akarlan Empire refers to the four states of Akarla, currently ruled by King Mak Tilerek and Queen Elian Maksi.

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