Al'lek( Which is Penmern for once green) is the second major moon to Gunthi'lek. Al'lek in Branzmern mythological stories from the Palvic age was considered a great being of mass which resided over the plane of Gunthi'lek. Al'lek consisted of another brother(moon) too, Fal'lek. Fal'lek and Al'lek's temper towards eachother came to such a height that they battled for Gunthi'lek. In the end, Fal'lek was warped and melted into a ball of pure heat, while Al'lek's life was ripped away from his heart. Penmern mythological stories are quite similiar although Mern stories are drastically different. Mern stories say that Al'lek birthed Fal'lek and because of their insolence to the mortal realm were both punished greatly.


During the later branzmern industrial revolution, Dendran Eyeseeker, a branzmern philosopher, founded that all three ideas were wrong. Instead Al'lek and Fal'lek crashed into eachother in the early palvic era which ripped of Fal'lek's mantle and only left a mass iron core and remnants of it's surface, while Al'lek lost almost all of it's life and became a barren ice planet. This news eventually spread out to the mern kingdoms but was considered more branzmern "heresy". Penmern discoveries also took in effect and eventually came across the same results. (But were hidden to the public in fear of heresy and brutal public execution.)


In the now considered present era, Branzmern scientists have predicted that flight to Al'lek may be possible in the next 3 or 4 decades. Although, technologically the Branzmern have not advanced in that past 100 years due to non-necessity.

(Working on Gunthi'lek.) =P

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