The People's Republic of Alaska and North Pacific (simply called North Pacific) is a future country that takes place in current Alaska, Hawai'i, and Kiribati. It's current president, called High Cheifess, is Wolfface Jian Heixing, the second female president. This is made by User:District10male!!!


Due to intense competition with China, the USA began to fall apart and Alaska and Hawai'i were alone and abandoned by government, so they joined forces and became one country in 1961. Kiribati joined shortly afterward. Their first president was (to be chosen). Tigerstripe Katchi was the first female president, whose extreme laws and made bad relationships with other countries left her country in ruins. But the current chiefess Wolfface Jian Heixing overthrew her and fixed the country up. Now she is the president in the nation's capitol of Kaitukidax.

This nation has been described as the bridge from the west to east. They share customs of both Asian and American cultures. Despite a strict communist government, the nation has been able to keep the nation fairly happy.


People's Alaska and North Pacific
Capital Kaitukidax
Large cities Kodiak City (pop. 5,300,000), Honolulu (2,800,000)
Official Languages Aleut (native to 65% of the nation, but almost everyone speaks it as a second language), Hawaiian (45% speak it)
Recongized Regional Languages Gilbertese, Yupik dialects, English
Denonym Pacificans, Alaskans
Current High Chief(ess) or President Wolfface Jian Heixing
Vice President Bluestar Ngome
Type of government Communist republic
Population 20,300,000 (roughly) Population density depends on where you live
GDP 16,390 USD
HDI 0.674 (medium)
Anthem Aloha 'Oe
Internet code .alsk
Drives on the Driving is illegal
Currency US dollar


Each Chief or President's term lasts 10 years. They can have it extended 5 more years if they are re-elected. These are the leaders:



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