Niklaus Makem Albus II
Niklaus Albus II

1st King of Realm of Lapland

In office
Succeeded by In Office
Spouse Queen Madigan
Children Maxwell
Siblings Anne Albus

6 August 1942(age 59)
Residence Nami Novgorod, Kingdom of Lapland
Profession Pilot, politician

Eastern Orthodox, Islam

Languages Russian,Finnish, Dutch, Arabic language

Albus II(birth name:Niklaus Makem Albus II )(born 6 August 1952) is the King of Lapland and Laplandi, a constitutional monarch.

Early Life

Albus II was born 6 August 1942 in Turku, Finland. He had a Dutch Mother and a Persian Father. His sister Anne, was born 6 years before. Albus always wanted to be a pilot but the age of 5 his family moved to Leningrad due to finnacial problem. They lived in the Russian SFSR, were life was difficult. His mother died in 1943(age 46) after a land mine kills her in her vehicle.

Niklaus was then put in an orphanage in Minsk until his grandparents took custody. He attended a high school in the suburbs and learned politics. After he graduated he attended a law school for four years and went to a flying school to get his pilot liscence.

Formation of Lapland

After Gorbachev was ruler of the USSR

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