Albrecht Drais
Type Private Company
Founded June 21, 1971
Founder(s) Sigurd Smerdel
Headquarters Big Box, Grand Exchange, League of Ruling Companies
Area served Europe
Key people Gottfried Smerdel (CEO)
Industry Heavy industry
Products Actuators and military equipment
Revenue Classified
Employees 230,000
Albrecht Drais, better known as Aldra, is a heavy industrial military company located in the Leage of Ruling Companies, and a junior member of that organization. Aldra was founded by the World War II veteran, Gottfried Smerdel in 1971, after he left the Interior Union. Aldra joined the League in 1986 after aiding Technocrat in crushing a Ukrainian uprising in Prypiat after the Chernobyl Incident. Best known for its production of complex actuators and heavy weapon systems, Aldra maintains a small foothold in League dealings, and is generally seen as an up-and-coming member with still much to prove to the senior members befre being taken seriously.