</td></tr><tr><th style="">Profession</th><td class="" style="">Chairman of Ashford Corporation</td></tr><tr><th style="">Religion</th><td class="" style="">Lutheran</td></tr>

</table>Alexander William Ashford (born May 6th, 1965) is the 6th Governor of the Republic of Atlion state of Ackerland, and Chairman of the Ashford Corporation. Leader of the Ackerland Miners Labor Party he began his first four-year term as governor on January 10, 2005 after the death of his father, William Ashford, and was reelected to his second term by an 18-point margin, on November 4, 2008, receiving the most votes in Ackerland history. Chairman of the Ashford Corporation and director of the Ashford Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co. due to his knowlege in Pharmacology and Chemistry. He's known as the prodigy of William Ashford, his father whom created the company.


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Alexander William Ashford
6th Governor of the State of Ackerland
Assumed office
January 10th, 2005
Preceded by William Ashford
Personal details
BornMay 6th, 1965
Political partyAckerland Miners Labor Party
ResidenceGovernor's Retreat, Sauffenberg
Alma materAtlantia National College (Pharmacology)(Chemistry)</small>