Alexander Morgan
Alexander Morgan (Xai script)
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Representative of the Xai Ruling Council for House Morgan
Assumed office
15 June 1950
Preceded by Joshua Morgan
Constituency House Morgan
Personal details
Born31 December 1872
Oxida Nova, Xai Ascendancy
Spouse(s)Henrietta Morgan
(married in 1893)
ChildrenNicolas Morgan
(born in 1897)
Rachel Morgan
(born in 1901)
Alma materUniversity of Oxida Nova
Military Officer
ReligionXai Alithian Church
SignatureAlexander Morgan&#039;s Signature.png
Alexander Morgan (born 31 December 1872) is the patriarch of House Morgan and a member of the Xai Ruling Council, appointed to the position in 31 December 1872, following his father's resignation and retirement from the public post. He has been a highly conservative member in Xai politics, choosing to keep the Xai Ascendancy out of any unneccessary confrontations with the United States and other major nations throughout the globe, and keep the Xai people close to home and far away from the human cities. He has been active in politics for the last half century.

Born in the Morgan family, Alexander grew up in the Ascendancy's largest house, one of seven of the total families that make up the Xai race. A direct decendanct Ulysses Morgan, the man responsible for the survival and growth of the Xai, Alexander like his father before him, has been expected to live up the house name, and ensure that the family thrives and remains the leading force in Oxida Nova for generations. Though having served in the Obsidian Guard, Alexander has never been in active combat, though his has inherited the memories of his father who did serve abroad.

The power Alexander wields on the ruling council is immense, enough that he has been able to single-handly direct the foreign policy of his nation, and overrule members of the body in terms of declarations of war, having successfully kept the Ascendancy out of any pointless conflicts that would not directly benefit the Xai. To the international community, Alexander is considered the de facto ruler of the Ascendancy, even though he is but an equal in a group of seven that rule the Ascendancy together. However, such is his political influence, that he could indeed be considered the leading member of the Xai leadership.


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