Alexandria Anne Clemenceau
Born April 4th, 1978
Clay County, Kentucky
Nationality Everetti
Alma mater Everard University
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Political party Independent
Religion True Moralism

Alexandria Anne Clemenceau  is a leading pharmaceutical researcher and is a general practitioner graduate of Everard University. She is well known for her humanitarian work in the region of Appalachia. She is well known in the political atmosphere as being a feminist, advocating for Human rights, and has been vocal in support for LBGT rights across the world. Standing firmly with Kaitlyn Rachel Spencer on many positions, she has backed the policies of Spencer on many social and economic issues since her political revolution in the early 3rd millennium. Clemenceau is also a follower of non-religious philosophy of True Moralism, she is apathetic to religious discussion, yet holds strong reverence to Jesus Christ for his humanitarian work, she describes herself as a Apathetic agnostic.

She gained heavy coverage in early 2014 for her works on finding a preventive measure for HIV and AIDS, preventing from spreading from one host to another, it is not a cure for the hostile disease. On the 15th of March, Clemenceau asked the Department of Health & Human Services to help speed up the trial process and gain federal mandate to order the distribution of the medicine under the government, she has also asked for federal grants to begin forming her own production for the medicine and for future pharmaceuticals.