Type Private company
Founded July 9, 1949
Founder(s) Nadir Ahsan
Headquarters Big Box, Grand Exchange, League of Ruling Companies
Area served Europe, Middle East, and North Africa
Key people Tariq Mohammad (CEO)
Industry Light industry
Products Military vehicles and agicultural equipment
Revenue Classified
Employees 800,000
Algebra, formerly known as Eqbal, is major company and member of the League of Ruling Companies. Tracing its roots back to Pakistan, the corporation was founded by Nadir Ahsan in 1949, and joined the League in 1967, seeking to re-brand itself in Europe, and gain a foothold in the region. Since Nadir's death in 1992, the company was handed over to his close confidant and hand-picked heir, Tariq Mohammad, who leads Algebra today. The company is best known for exploiting its manpower resources to produce it light military vehicles and agricultural equipment which is used by most of the League's citizen-workers.