Allen Howsham
Allen Howsham
Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court
Assumed office
27 January 1996
Preceded by Frederick Robnett
Judge of Appeals
In office
Personal details
Born11 March 1949 (age 65)
Alberttown, North Island
Spouse(s)Marci Howsham (nee Lambert)
Alma materDandridge University Law School
ReligionCC Landing

The Hon. Allen Howsham LL.D Jur CJ (born 11 March 1949, Alberttown, North Island) is a Washingtonian lawyer who is currently serving as the ninth Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court. Howsham was appointed to that position on 27 January 1996 by President Malcolm Lexington, succeeding former Chief Justice Frederick Robnett.

A staunch juristic and political conservative, Howsham has been widely criticized by the socially liberal elements in Washingtonian society for his refusal to steer the Court and its decisions in a more "progressive" direction. He has also been criticized for being one of the more executive minded judges in Washingtonia for many of his pro-government decisions. Howsham has, however, tried to remain out of the spotlight and has never spoken to the press or in public in general about his views, legal culture or political affiliations.

Howsham was born in Alberttown in the Province of North Island on 11 March 1949 to Andrew Lucas Howsham and Elizabeth Howsham (nee Coble). Andrew Howsham was a well known attorney and Union Nationalist supporter who sat in the Constitutional Assembly after the Washingtonian Civil War in 1913 to draft the country's first Constitution. His mother, Elizabeth, was a housewife generally, flowing from patriarchal Washingtonian society, however helped her husband with much the administrative aspects of his profession. The Howsham family is historically vassals to the North Island House du Montier family and held several counties before they were abolished by the Abolition of Counties Decree of 1915.

Early life

Education and admission

Associate professor

Judge of Appeals

Chief Justice

Personal life



  • Introduction to the Washingtonian Law of Gender for Law Students (1986)
  • Constitutional Law before the Constitution (1989)
  • Law of Sexuality in Washingtonia (2008)


  • An Analysis of FEDERAL vs. The Throne: The Intention of the Framers (1984)
  • Our Common Law and Civil Law roots and why we must defend the mixture (1994)
  • The Political Question: Can we keep the Bench and the Assembly separate? (1995)

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