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Allied Stats 7th Army
Allied States 7th Army
Founded 2007
Country Allied States
Part of Allied States Army
Garrison/HQ Fort Riley, Kansas
Commander Lieutenant General Michael Shepherd
Deputy Commander Brigadier General Tiffany Waldo

The Allied States Seventh Army is a formation of the Allied States Army, headquartered at Fort Riley, Kansas. The 7th Army consists of the 700th Infantry Brigade, 701st Infantry Brigade, 702nd Infantry Brigade, 703rd Tank Battalion, 704th Stryker Regiment, and the 705th Stryker Regiment. The formation is currently under command of Lieutenant General Michael Shepherd. One of the formation's most recent deployments was the 701st Infantry Brigade in Zimbabwe, taking part in Operation Save Zimbabwe.


Command structure

As of April 2012 the formation command group consists of:

  • Commander: Lieutenant General Michael Shepherd
  • Deputy Commander: Brigadier General Tiffany Waldo
  • Assistant Deputy Commander (chief of staff): Colonel Tyrone Hurrell
  • Sergeant Major (ceremonial chief): Sergeant Major Mark Edwards

Current structure

  • Headquarters: Fort Riley, Kansas
    • 700th Infantry Brigade: Lieutenant Colonel John Hartnett
    • 701st Infantry Brigade: Lieutenant Colonel Gerald Treece
    • 702nd Infantry Brigade: Lieutenant Colonel Adam Beckford
    • 703rd Tank Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Nicole Alonso
    • 704th Stryker Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel Frank Jeffcoat
    • 705th Stryker Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel Justin Kowalski

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