Alphidom is a widely held belief by the Alphosic people of the State of Neith in the Interstate of Neith-Tiaan, UFA, that Neith should be the social, economic, political and cultural center of a unitary United Federation ruled by the Neithian elite. More broadly, it also includes that the Zeusic religious fundamentalism held by Neithians (and Tiaanese) as well as their quasi-fascist totalitarian societal establishment should be spread across all of humankind. Because of its geopolitical nature, it is also referred to as the Manifest Destiny of the Neithians.


Alphidom is a kind of blend word essentially meaning the Domination of the Alphosic People. It has no natural grammatical history or foundation and its origins are unclear.

Elements of Alphidom

Like with other ideologies, various factions and divisions exist in Alphidom, however, the major tenets which are widely agreed upon are:

  • The Alphosic people are genetically thus intellectually superior, and the direct descendants of Ugic demigods.
  • The naturally selected ruling elite of the planet of Neith is even further more superior given their historic and current commitment to the fulfillment of their people's destiny.
  • The Alphosic people of the planet Tiaan have by and large abandoned the destiny and are to be forcibly assimilated back onto the ideological course, or be destroyed.
  • The ruling elite of Neith and the Alphosic people must spread the Sacred Zeusic Code across all of humankind and ensure its universal implementation peacefully or forcibly.

Context and reasoning

Historic application

Neith-Tiaan engagements

Engagements with other races


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