Titles Third Crowned Prince of Hell
Prince of Death
Alias Eurynomos
Physical Characteristics
Species Demon
Gender Male
Skin Tone Pale
Hair Color White
Eye Color Silver
Basic Information
Birthplace Pandæmonium, Civilized Hell
Age Several thousands of years
Mancy Umbramancy
Kinesis Umbrakinesis
Special Abilities Possession
Death Touch
Occupation Ruler of Libeig
Affiliation Libeig
Status Active

Alphito is the ruler of the Principality of Libeig in the fortress-city of Pandæmonium.

He is the most feared of all Crowned Princes, and rules Libeig with a firm "might makes right" policy. His principality is often dubbed the Deathlands, and avoided by most inhabitants of Hell, including nobility.


The 3rd Crown War

As the youngest of the king's offspring born after the Second Crown War, Alphito was expected not to participate in the fight for Libeig, and was ignored as his siblings fought devastating battles over the land. Libeig was home to legions of undead creatures, most being escapees of the prisons of Hell, which made it difficult for the princes' armies to move. In the night of the 45th day of the war (remembered as the "birth of the Deathlands"), a battle between Princess Lariah and Prince Nerlil's troops, the undead stepped into the battlefield, taking down soldiers of both sides and ultimately trapping both of the royals on their respective fortresses.

With all guards dead, Lariah and Nerlil struggled for three days until the undeads stopped trying to take their castles and simply stood guard outside. In that afternoon, the recently missing prince Alphito appeared among the undeads, asking for his siblings to surrender. Shocked, the two walked out of their fortifications, being nearly immediately slain by Alphito's touch. King Baphomet was outraged by his son's action and passed a regulation, that forbid the killing of war prisoners on the Crown Wars. In response, Alphito gathered his army of undead and ravaged Libeig, taking his brothers and sisters down before they could yield. The first to fall was the mighty noble Alastor (who tried to avenge his little sister Lariah), then the twins Gorgo and Mitra (who intended to rule together) and lastly Thyrakus, whose famous flaming sword Alphito took to himself. After claiming Libeig, now Crowned Prince Alphito used his abilities to reanimate the corpses of his enemies' troops, hunting down survivors and closing relations with the rest of Pandæmonium.

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