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Altariya is the 'revelationist school’ that Qura and Altair found. It becomes the centerpiece of the 'revelationist revolution’ later on in the story. Celestiamancy allows them to uncover others' magic without having to actually pry it out of peoples' mouths (though unlike the ideal ‘magic eye’ that they aim for, it still requires a lot of analysis and an understanding of the underlying principles, to be effective). Celestiamancy is the forbidden magic of Lorica. With it (even before founding the school), they are able to uncover a great many of the other guilds’ secrets. Because Altariya stands alone against the onslaught of all the guilds, their members spend a great deal of time creating wards. At one point they even fail, and the Altariya Academy gets wiped out once their wards collapse. But Qura and Altair are able to rebuild the school, an even grander version – and besides, as word of their vision spreads throughout the land, a great many people flock to their side. Their arrival is via teleportation – as for most of Altariya's existence they are surrounded by the forces of the other guilds (including a flagship!). Through this endless confrontation, Altariyan mages learn a great deal about the spells used by the other guilds, and begin using them themselves. So the guilds wind up in a losing war as more and more of their secrets get leaked. And Qura and Altair become the greatest enemy of the guilds. Ultimately, their revelationist vision wins out, they train thousands of mages and spellcasters all of the guilds’ secrets, and are able to gain the upper hand via both sheer number and synergetic effects of their spells, as well as celestiamancy.

Altariya University Magical Shielded Slant

Concept art of Altariya University with shields active.


Altariya Blueprint

Blueprint of Altariya University.

Altariya Blueprint 2

Blueprint of Altariya University, with various sections tagged.

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