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Altechnology, also called spell technology, is any technology that works with both the tangible material and the intangible, the almaterial (generally meaning mana and moieta. Altechnology is technology unique to the world of faera as it draws upon the resources available within them. Designing altechnology is a form of spellshaping - the more primitive kind, which does not rely on charmases.

Spells are developed the way technology was developed in the real world: with discoveries, theories, inventions, experiments, and improvements. Spells in Lorica are pragmatically realistic; all spells exist because it's possible for them to be developed, and once a person has learned all there is to learn about spells, one will realize that all magic is but spells, and that there is no true magic. Spellshaping - the process of developing new spells - has an emphasis on chemistry, biology, engineering, mathematics, programming, and artificial intelligence.

Spell technology is central to the history of the world of Lorica, for while mundane (non-spell) technology has mostly been stuck in medieval stasis, spell technology has grown to become very advanced. Over the millennia, what was primitive alchemic magic has developed into complex spells far removed from its primitive origins - spellshaping indistinguishable from magic. Technology became more and more complex as everything built upon what came before. Lorica's magic system is essentially infinitely complex, just as reality is infinitely complex. This in turn has allowed spells to become infinitely complex and extremely versatile, just as mundane technology can become infinitely complex and is extremely versatile.

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