Alto-man is a language family that is distinct to Mist,it is very different from any language spoken by normal men,legend says it derives from "God speak"

Language history 



Mist and the Neo islands








Alto-Man streches back to the age before man,the first knownrecord of Alto-Man was in the year 873 PMW(Primal magic world) as a series of complex undeciphered writings found in north Vintaisia,which has puzzled Mistic scholars due to the fact that no known peoples occupied Vintaisa til 7 PMW,and they Man settlers.Some say it was records from a ancient race of "Indo-Mistics" hower that also brings up the possibily that maybe Indo-Mistics originated from north Mist instead of south east Mist,some other legend states that the writing may have been a very old tablet of "God-speech" 


Mistic is a sub branch of Alto-man that spans all main land Mist

Languages and Language familis

Galhic languages are spoken in modern day Gahl and bleeded into boardering regions,it has the four sub-divions

  • East Galhic->Central Gahlic->Standard Gahlish
  • North Gahlic->Mizo-Uba-> Menoaika
  • West Gahlic->Vinto-Gahlic->Viaha-Krogani
  • Mountain Gahlic->Gawic->Meltish->Wr'ang'iah

Bold-Italic represent sample languages of these families


Neonic is a sub-branch of Alto-Man which is native to the Neo-Islands,little is known about them

Zodiac,spoken on Zeta-Island

Epsilon,spoken in Epsilo-Island

Indo-Mistic theory

Some scholars believe that somehow Mist was visted by "Common folk",people from India and must have had some impact on the Mist culture,while not confirmed,it is believed,the only language thought to be based off the theorised "Indo-Mistic" family is Dondamare,a now extinc tribal language spoken in northern Gahl

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