Alton Trains
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Alton Trains logo (1996 - Today)
Motto Whats your journey?
Predecessor British Rail (Network Alton)
Type Railway Franchise
Headquarters Ratclife
Location Alton and UK
Region served Alton,Essex and Greater London
Membership Alton RailCard
Leader Lea Goodmayes
Parent organization Parliament Railways Co
Alton Trains is a train company in Alton serving the Alton to London Line and ELsEA Line which is two of its highspeed railway lines. Other commuter lines are the Hoverton Mainline from Alton South East and Herne Island Line. It has obsesive overcrowding and major delays and power failures in both of the Highspeed Lines.


Alton Train in Foxhill Road Station

Old train in 1997 in Ratclife Foxhill Station ready to be repainted to Alton Trains Livery

The Alton Trains act of 1993 was enforced in September 14th 1993. Trains started being refurbished and replaced to go with its new provider. The bids of Alton Trains Franchise reveals that, Alton Trains (altonlife) has won the franchise. An improvement in DeMories St in Ratclife was extensively made.

The winner was AltonLife and made the new train company Alton Trains. A promise was kept to expand the Reasting to Gole Pool Line and order new fleets of trains for the ELsEA and Alton to London Lines. Also a refurbishment and fitting a new break and a new passanger seats are also expected

Alton Trains livery were kept but in 1997, they have repainted it with a green and blue livery and finished in 1999. A station improvement plan was made in Blayhill Station which is the border of Alton and the UK. Also 3rd Rail was expected in the Hoverton Mainline.

In 2004, a fire was started at one of the trains because of a engine malfunction. Alton Trains were sued by Department of Transport in the UK.

In 2008, The Government put up another franchise bid for Alton Trains. Parliament  Railways Co won and still branding the trains as before so people will not get confused.


Alton Trains off-peak Monday to Saturday Routes include

From London (UK stations are not included expect of Margate and Southend)

  1.  5 to Alton St David, Stopping at Southend (border of England and Alton Raillink), Blayhill and Alton St Davids
  2. 5 to Alton St Ives, stopping at Margate, Ramsgate East, Herne and St Ives

From Ratclife Foxhill

  1. 2 to Sittingbrough , stopping at Ratclife Foxhill and all stations
  2. 4 to Plew Harbor, stopping at Ratclife Foxhill and Plew only
  3. Sittingbrough Very Fast , stopping at Ratclife Foxhill, City Suburbs and Sittingbrough
  4. Regain on Sea Fast , stopping at Ratclife Foxhill, City Suburbs East, Lorringham, St Davids and Regian on Sea

From Ratclife Dews Street

  1. 6 to Westclife, stopping at all stations
  2. 4 to Westclife (fast), stopping at Dews Street, Millford Junction, Alton Airport and Westclife
  3. 2 to Alton Airport, stopping at all stations
  4. 2 to Herne South, stopping at Millford Junction and Herne South only (ELsEA) (Limited Service)
  5. 2 to Clyde, stopping at Millford Hill and Clyde

From Ratcliffe St Ives Regional

  1. 8 to Herne South, stopping at Millford Junction, Hintachi, Capital West, Ramsgate East and Herne South (ELsEA)
  2. 2 to Shillington Alantis Park stopping at, Millford Junction, Millford Hill,Debury,Alton Airport,Shell and Shillington Alantis Park
  3. 2 to Chilles Bay, stopping at all stations
  4. 2 to Wrightson Valley, stopping at all stations
  5. 1 to Rews, stopping at all stations (Limited Service)

From Ratclife Picadilly

  1. 5 to Dorringham, stopping at all stations

Alton Rail Map

Alton Rail Map


A train collapsed near a embankment in Debury in 1998. All services to Shillington Alantis Park was cancelled.

A fire accident took place at Millford Junction in September 18th 2012 as the brakes was pulled hard. No one was injured.

Rolling Stock

Current Fleet

Name Photo Routes
DeportWORKS 2
TrF1 at Locher House Deport
Shunting Works
Class 375
Alton Train 375 in Dorringham
Replacement Service
Class 376
Alton Train 376 in Millford Junction
All Ratclife St Ives and Dews St Regional Services exept ElsEA
Class 450
Alton Train 450 in Ratclife Foxhill
All Foxhill and Picadilly services
Class 395
Alton Train 395 in Ratclife Dews Street
All ElsEA services
Class 357
Alton Train 357 in Alton St David
All England Services


The main deport is Locher House Deport in Dorringham


All Ratclife Rail Cards cant be used when it passed the C3 road. Some stations are in the C3 road but cant be used. A person to travel to Ratclife is 50p and a child to go to Ratclife is £1.00. A family pack can be brought for 2 adults and 1 child for £3.99.


The franchise was awarded a National Rail Award for its best on customer satisfaction.