Xarukdom of Amazar
Xarukar xi Amazar (Vaka script)
Xarukar xi Amazar
Flag of Amazar.png
Motto: Iona vana Xauta, xe kioka vaza Xauta
Praise our God, the only true God
Location of Amazar.png
Location of Amazar in Xivonioki Imperium
Capital n/a
Largest city n/a
Largest metro n/a
Official languages Xivonaki
Demonym Amazarioki
Tazen Xevan Xo'Varshaioko
Xaruka n/a
Kovak n/a
Foundation n/a BNC (n/a)
Area  Ranked 0th
Total 779,698 km2
Proportion of Ixania 6% of 12,976,998 km2
Population Ranked 2nd
Total (2012) 85,254,141
Density (2012) 109.34 km2
Proportion of Ixania 12.8% of 667,900,493
GDP Ranked 0th
Total (2012) ƒ2.403 trillion
Per capita ƒ28,194 (0th)
Time zone +0
Flower n/a
Tree n/a
Bird n/a
Rankings include all xaurakdoms

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