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—  Town  —
Ambershire Town
Nickname(s): City of Amber, The Amber Jewel
Country Kingdom of Albia
Established c. 1320
 - Type Aristocratic Patronage
 - Chamberlain (House of Stanwick)
Population (2010)
 - Total 22,520

Ambershire is the capital of the Kingdom of Albia. It was officially incorporated around 1320 while under Roman Republic control as the village of Electrum. Since its incorporation, it has fallen under the control of the French Empire and the Britannic Empire before becoming the capital of the independent nation in 1816. The population as of 2010 is 22,520. Ambershire has served as the administrative and economic center of Albia since its incorporation.



Ambershire sits on the western bank of the Isengard River six miles south of the Marsellus-Vienna rail line. It is located in the Northwest Farthing of Albia.


As of the Census of 2010, the population of Ambershire is 22,520. The average individual income is 825 copper per annum. The average household income is 1560 copper.


Historic and Cultural Sites



The local government of Ambershire has been headed by a member of the House of Stanwick since 1852. The current Chamberlain of Ambershire is Prince William Stanwick, the King's first cousin. Prince William is effectively the day-to-day manager of the town's affairs and is assisted by an eight member Town Council, elected every two years.


Public education in Ambershire is more advanced than any other town in Albia. Three primary schools feed into the Ambershire Secondary School, educating children through the age of sixteen. Higher education is possible at the University of Albia or Ambershire College, a technical training school. Exceptional students may also attend the Albian Military Academy to train as a military officer.


Ambershire is the only town in Albia in which all the roads are cobbled. With the advent of the motorcar two decades ago, the Albian Motorcar Association petitioned the Town Council to fund the cobbling of the remaining unpaved streets in the town. Rush Street was the last street to be completed in 2003. An estimated four hundred motorcars are owned by Ambershire residents.

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