Sonam, officially known as the Empire of Sonam, (Sonamese: Sònām j Hyìǹpyā) is an island country located in the Gulf of Alaska off the coast of Western North America. Sonam shares maritime borders with Alaska to the north, and Amerindia to the East, the Pacific Ocean lies to South and West. The capital of Sonam is Séoé

A culturally distinct country in its region, Sonam bears more historical, linguistic and cultural similarities with East Asia. Archaeological research revealed that the first inhabitants of the archipelago arrived before 25 CE, arriving from Eastern Asia and Russia along what is now the Bering Strait. Sonamese society before discovery was highly advanced compared to other civilisations in the region. Society on Sonam developed highly isolated from the rest of the world, and was only discovered by the outside world in the late 17th century when Russian Fur traders began to explore the region in depth, however Sonam escaped permanent colonial settlement or posession. The Monarchial lineage of Sonam, as many believe, dates back far beyond 2000 BC, and in its history, has only been ruled by two royal houses.

Sonam is described as a 'Benevolent Absolute Imperial Federation,' which is governed by a strict moral code. The Absolute Monarch is vetted by the Council of Princes, from each of the thirteen principalities which represent the traditional lands of each tribe. Sonam consists of thirteen Principalities, which are each governed by a separate royal house. The Council of Princes has the power to veto any decisions of the Monarch through democratic vote, however must be vetted under the moral code of Sonam. The populace also has the ability to veto such decisions in special instances which are held bi-annually. 

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