Flower in Valley of Eternal Rain 2

An Deoith Dhéairgh.

An Deoith Dhéairgh, Fernolian for "The Red Death" (pronunciation: [ən ˈd̥œ:θˌçʲi:ɾx]), is an endemic flower in the Valley of Eternal Rain. Its Latin designation is Flosmortis rubeis.


It is a bright red flower of the tint "lust" with a dark yellow core in the centre. The stem is rather thin and usually not longer than 7 cm.

The flower grows along the countless streams that can be found in the Valley of Eternal Rain, often even directly in the water itself. It can persist long stretches of time underwater if so necessary. They are not found as often in the rocky areas of the valley.

Importance for insects

The plant's nectar is a major source for the colonies of Uiscebéach that live along the riversides, often living within close proximity of any larger patches of the flower. The bees in their turn help the flower fertilize other specimens.

It is also the direct source for the toxicity of the butterfly Néauibh, which takes its toxicity by piercing the flower's stem and sucking up the toxic substance that is held inside.


The toxicity of the plant is caused by the presence of high amounts of amygdalin in all parts of the plant, which, when ingested, causes cyanide poisoning in the intestines of the ingestor, causing a quick but painful death.

The amygdalin is the main source for the Néauibh butterfly's poisonousness.

So far the flower has been confirmed as the source of death for three humans and several young mammals.

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