Viscountcy of the Wide Seas
Éusiorlteachd Nan Móir Leautheinn
Iwsiyrtycht Nyn Môr Liôghîn
Ísirliticht nan Már Éinghe
Uisiarlateachd nan Mhóir Luighain
—  Viscountcy  —
Nickname(s): The Western Wilderness
Viscountcy of Insanity
Motto: Natura nos superessebit in aeternum
Nature will always survive us
An Móir Leautheinn.jpg
Location of the Viscountcy of the Wide Seas
Country Earldom of Rockall
Capital and largest city Nuardhtheaobhoinn
 • Viscount Léaibhoin Treaidicheait
 • Governing body House of Commons
Population (2012 census)
 • Total 456,120
 • Rank 6th
Demonym Seaman
 • Main language Astrallic
 • Secondary language Fernolian
 • Tertiary language Rockallian
Time zone SCT (UTC-1)
Postal code AML [x] [xx] [xx] [xxxx]

The Viscountcy of the Wide Seas (Astrallic: Éusiorlteachd Nan Móir Leautheinn or Iwsiyrtycht Nyn Môr Liôghîn, Fernolian: Ísirliticht nan Már Éinghe, Rockallian: Uisiarlateachd nan Mhóir Luighain) is one of the six viscountcies of Rockall in the Seafaring Confederation. Its capital is Nuardhtheaobhoinn.

An Móir Leautheinn covers most of the west coast of Rockall, except for the Meoirr. The westernmost point of Rockall is also located in An Móir Leautheinn, on the island of Gléaoinnenoileun. It borders the viscountcy of Cóste Ígheainne along the northeast and east, and the viscountcy of An Thir na tÁirdteachd in the east, southeast and south.


The name of the "the Wide Seas" appears as such in all three official languages. It is thought it is a reference to the west coast of Rockall being the only coast of the Earldom not facing another landmass, instead facing the Atlantic Ocean.

The nickname of "the Western Wilderness" (Astrallic: An Iobheainn n-a' Siúbhaoirr or Yn Ion n-a'Siẇr, Fernolian: An Ánáiliuich nÓ Thiair, Rockallian: An Fhiáine hÓ Siar) is in reference to the image of An Móir Leautheinn being mostly covered by the Western Rainforests interspersed with various valleys and undisturbed nature.

The nickname of "Viscountcy of Insanity" (Astrallic: Éusiorlteachd na Gheauilltuichteaich or Iwsiyrtycht ny Chiltychich, Fernolian: Ísirliticht na Ghéithuiltrídhe, Rockallian: Uisiarlateachd na Ghuinneachta) is in reference to the 2013 Constitutional crisis of An Móir Leautheinn, which saw many casualties and injuries of a variety of natures.





Transport and infrastructure



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