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--Bona al la encycla lorica.

Basic Definition

What is considered "magic" by scientists (not that Lorica has many of these) is the interaction between light and dark matter, made possible by various functional groups (also called "stars") which bridge the divide between the two planes. (Dark-matter functional groups are the first and only type to have evolved to do this, hence there are no light-matter functional groups capable of magic.) Anchemy, also called alchemistry, is the dark-matter equivalent of chemistry. However, Lorica is much more advanced in anchemistry than it is in chemistry, so the term tends to refer to the more complex reactions of stars (astia).

Just as the types of enzymes in the world is limitless, the types of anchemical reactions in Lorica is limitless. The great diversity of various anchemical reagents and of the faera that possess them is what lends Lorica its great diversity of magic.

"Anchemical" is that which relates to anchemy.

Anchemy via Anchoring

In addition to effective functional groups, there are also passive functional groups that work by anchoring. Light matter and dark matter anchored together move together. This gives rise to various types of dual-planar material, roughly divided into the below categories:

  • aether (aetha): solid dark matter (almata) anchored to gaseous light matter (mata)
  • ether (etha): solid dark matter (almata) anchored to liquid light matter (mata)
  • anmaterial (anmateria): solid dark matter (almata) anchored to solid light matter (mata)

It is because magic works with anmaterial - which typically cannot be seen or felt - that Lorican magic is thus hidden. Also because anmaterial is intangible, working with magic is difficult to do directly and is a rather intellectual endeavor.

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