Andrei Ilya Caale
Andrei Caale in his usual attire.
37th President of the Draguan Islands
Assumed office
November 16, 2012
Vice President Simone Baker (2012-present)
Preceded by Willy Chineys
40th Vice-President of the Draguan Islands
In office
July 6, 2006 – September 10, 2012
President Willy Chineys
Preceded by Els Wagenen
Succeeded by Simone Baker
Personal details
Born July 12, 1975
Moscow, Russian SFSR
Nationality Draguan
Political party Draguan Liberal Party
Spouse(s) Sarah Freeport
Children Cameron Freeport (b. 1996)
Residence Lisco, South-Draguan
Profession Lawyer
Religion Atheist
Signature AndreiCaaleSignature.png

Andrei Ilya Caale (Moscow, 12 July 1975) is the current 37th President of the Draguan Islands and is the successor of ex-President Willy Chineys. He is a great supporter of human rights and foreign aid to third-world countries, and regulary donates money to humanitarian funds from his fundraisers.

Early Life

Andrei Caale was born on 12 July 1975 in Moscow, Russian SFSR, as the only son of his Dutch father Michael Caale and his Russian mother Inga Kartopov. His parents moved to the Draguan Islands a few months after his birth, and settled in the city of Lisco. He went to a public school, and after that to the Lisco University, where he met his future wife Sarah Freeport. He joined the Draguan Federal Party after his study, but left away after a few months due to seemingly disagreements. He continued to be a lawyer, bearing the title Esquire, till the Draguan Liberal Party split from the Party of Freedom in 2002. He joined immediately after, and occupied the rank of Secretary of the party in 2003. He was leader of the political party from 2004 till 2006, and began his career as Vice-president in 2006, when he won the majority of the votes. His term as Vice-President ended in 2012, being chosen as president and succeeding Willy Chineys.

Political issues and opinions

Issue Opinion
Abortion "Every mother should be able to decide the fate of her unborn child, whether it will be because of her own health, or any disabilities the unborn child may be born with."
Animal rights "I don't see animals any lesser than us, and so I think that animals should have some degree of right, to stop any suffering or getting endangered."
Firearms possession "Firearms should be legal in the Draguan Islands, but under restrictions and regulations."
LGBT and other orientations "People with a different sexual preference than others are just as equal as any other person, and will never be any lesser."
Nuclear energy "Nuclear energy is, despite the toxic waste, a good alternative source for generating power due to the high energy output and the particulary small usage of uranium."
Nuclear weapons "While we oppose the active usage of nuclear weapons, we will keep our storage of warheads only for critical emergency situations, in which the danger may be continentally or even globally. We have internal laws to prevent us from using warheads in a normal condition."
Stem cell research "Stem cells can give a great advantage in medical care, which might lead to more effecient treatments."
Freedom of religion "Everyone has the right to believe in what he or she wants."
Act of self-defense "If your home is invaded with force by hostile forces (i.e. burglars, assaulters), then you have the right to defend your home and yourself, and you may attack the assaulter to neutralize him."
Censorship "Anyone should be able to gain access to any reports, except the reports that have to stay protected from the people, since they may include classified data that are of importance to the safety of the nation."
Death penalty "While murder is indeed a very serious and tragic crime, I do not think that the death of the murderer will solve anything."

Personal life

Andrei Caale married in 1995 with Sarah Freeport, a fellow student on the Lisco University whom he fell in love with. Their daughter was born in 1996, a year after their marriage. He is a fanatic tennis player, and likes to go out with his family. He also is very keen to visit countries, especially third-world countries to see if the current situations there require any foreign aid..


  • Andrei Caale was once spotted in the Dragon Park in Copa Cabana in 2009, playing famous hit songs from the 60's and 70's. He stated that he wanted to appear as "just a regular person, making some music".
  • Andrei Caale has an airplane license, and owns a Beechcraft Super King Air 350.
  • Andrei Caale helped the victims of the earthquake in Haïti in 2010 personally, by giving them medical aid and sending food supplies for them.
  • Andrei Caale once danced with the guests at the Vince Hotel Ball in 2009, where he held a speech about humanitarian aid.
  • Andrei Caale is always pleased to do interviews. Read one of them here.

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