Andrei Martinu (born 1645? – 1722) was a Frekian musician born in Valaquia, Romania.


Of Frecian-Romanian heritage, Martinu originally immigrated to Frecia during 1660's seeking a better life free of the Ottoman Empire, and sought to establish himself as a famous composer.

Martinu became famous for the compsition of Anghianatu, also known as Decieved in English, the complete text being And I was deceived by the Tyrant, a popular Romanian dance song adapted in Frekian style. It was considered the oldest music piece existing writted in Frecia, with its original composition date traced back to the early-1680s.

Andrei Martinu died in Neikios in 1722, with his birth date known as his death certificate stated Martinu was seventy-seven years of age at the time of his death.

An extract of the oldest musical piece in Frecia written in the 17th century.

  • Andrei Martinu 1680
    Andrei Martinu c.1680 Anghianatu sung in the Romanian language as a popular dance song.