Annabel Laura Rosewarne
Anna III
Princess Royal
Third in Line of Succession
Born 5 June 1986
Bath, Somerset
House House of Rosewarne
Father George, Duke of Avon
Mother Anna II
Religion Atheist Humanism
Occupation Television Presenter
Charity Volunteer
HRH Anna III Princess Royal, (Annabel Laura Rosewarne, Born 1986), often going by the name Anna Rosewarne, is the middle daughter of Queen Anna II, and George, Duke of Avon. Born on the 5 June 1986 in Bath, Somerset, Anna III currently has a job as a television presenter on the WBC TV show, The Unreported World, where she travels the world and exposes injustices.. She has also set up several charities, and is a member of Amnesty International.

Anna is currently third in line of succession for the throne, after her older brother, John, Duke of Cornwall, the next in line of succession after Anna is younger brother and musician Iwan, Prince Royal