Annihilator-class Mobile Fortress
Annihilator-class Mobile Fortress
The Annihilator-class Mobile Fortress
Type Mobile fortress
Place of origin Logo of Pravus International Pravus International
Service history
In service 2013–Present
Used by Logo of Pravus International Pravus Combat Legions
Production history
Manufacturer Manus Heavy Industries
Unit cost $53.3 billion
Produced 2007–2013
Number built 3 planned
1 completed
Weight N/A
Length N/A
Width N/A
Height N/A
Crew 600 crew
Passengers 2,500 GA combat drones

Suspension N/A
Ground clearance 20 ft
Fuel capacity N/A
Speed 35 mph
The Annihilator-class mobile fortress is a mobile fortress constructed and fielded by Pravus International. Constructed in secret by Manus Heavy Industries around the Arx of Ferox, the Annihilator-class mobile fortress was designed to serve as a land battleship that could bring enoromous amounts of firepower to bear upon a target, while also carrying a considerable force of Global Armaments' combat drones into battle. Extremely expansive, Pravus International built only one, choosing to do so in North America where its most vaulable assets were located.

Given the price, size, and limitations of the mobile fortress, as well as its importantance as a visible card of power, Pravus jealously guards the only vehicle of the Annihilator-class, the PLV Redemption, location in the Bighorn Basin. Its huge size means that the vehicle is incapable of moving from one continent to another, forcing the company to choose where to palce it. Despite this, Pravus has considered building two more of the class, though being so expensive, Pravus fears that the only member of the class may be the only one to be constructed.