An anthrax warhead, anthrax bomb, or anthrax missile is a biological weapon developed by the Hurian Federation as a detterent to foreign invasion and to cause as much collateral damage to enemy cities as possible. The weapon itself is extremely simple in the fact that it is only a delivery system, which carries a set amount anthrax that will be scattered across an enemy city or position, and carried across the wind, infecting and killing many thousands, and with new upgrades, possibly millions.

Types of Anthrax Weapons

  • The anthrax missile is a small guide missile that was designed for combat usage. It holds 15 pounds of weaponized anthrax, and is capable of being fitted onto fighter jets and rocket launch systems. The missile is designed to explode just a above a target, allow the wind to carry the anthrax across a field of battle. The weapon is used regularly in combat against enemies of the Federation, and was general responsible for the enromous casualties since in the 2008 invasion of Brazil.
  • The anthrax cluster missile is a special guided missile designed to deliever as many warheads to a target without succumbing to anti-missile systems. It can carry up to ten smaller missiles, which are small enough to avoid targetting by SAM defences. In the event that an EMP device is used to disable the missile, fail-safes are employed. When a certain electronic signal is stopped, a lock that is held in place by the signal is released, opening the carriage, and allowing the rockets to fall and explode over a target. The anthrax is thus carried into the wind, and infects anyone within a ten mile radius. These weapons are currently employed by land-based systems, and there are no plans to create a modified version of the missile for aerial usage.

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