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Republic of Aratkom
Olre-neas Aratkom
Flag of Aratkom
Official Language(s): Aratkoma
 - President (Eqêrnea):
Kyrta Sêartocaga
 - Total Population:

Currency: Cape


Map of Aratkom.


Aratkom written in the Aratkoma alphabet.

Aratkom, officially the Republic of Aratkom, is a country on the northern hemisphere of the planet of Piçêre. Its capital is Sêrtolyk. Other major cities are Dambar and Kilégara. The country's official language is Aratkoma. The country has a population of 1,610,967.


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The two largest islands are Šistura (located in the north, with the capital Sêrtolyk) and Cyrkom (located in the south). The islands, especially the smaller ones, are quite rocky, but they don't have very high mountains. The highest mountain is the Backa Qyrçkêño (Mountain of the Evil), which is 492 metres high.

Administrative divisions

Aratkom is divided into six provinces.

  1. Sêrtolyk (yellow)
  2. Dambar (dark green)
  3. Kilégara (light green)
  4. Çorkanto (brown)
  5. Iñaša (orange)
  6. Kolombor (purple)

The provinces are subdivided into districts, which in its turn are subdivided into independent towns and municipalities.

The provinces and districts all have the same name as their capital.

Besides this Aratkom also has a colony, called Sulzak. Sulzak is practically a province with only one district, and is thus divided the same way as all other districts.


Aratkom is led by a Nealçok, which is elected every five years. The Nealçok consists of 600 members. The members choose a leader, the Eqêrnea (President). The current Eqêrnea is Kyrta Sêartocaga.



The religion in Aratkom is a polytheistic religion with many gods. The most important gods are:

  • Kirçésa (god of the good)
  • Šactoqo (god of the evil)
  • Malžaño (god of the life)
  • Roñoçka (god of the time)


The official language in Aratkom is Aratkoma. Bédarqát is also spoken by immigrants.


The currency of Aratkom is Cape. The word "cape" means "coin" or "money" in Aratkoma.

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