The Aratkoma calendar (Aratkoma: Êstoroñoc, literally "time-thing") is the calendar used in Aratkom and several other countries on Piçêre. The calendar divides the year into eight moths of 46 or 47 days:

  1. Abêrlyr (47 days)
  2. Koblyr (46 days)
  3. Zangolyr (47 days)
  4. Žyžalyr (46 days)
  5. Sišpalyr (47 days)
  6. Farcelyr (46 days)
  7. Oparlyr (47 days)
  8. Baradlyr (46 days)

A leap day, ngêrkistu , is inserted every seven years after Baradlyr, but there is no ngêrkistu in years divisible by 35.

The current year in the Aratkoma calendar is 1874.

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