Arboreal-Class Colony Ship
The WSV Wyvern
Operator Wessex and Cornwall (RASA)
Manufacturer Bristol Corporation
Royal Aeronautics and Space Association
Classification Colony Ship
Status Active
Number built 3
Propulsion 3 Ion Engines
Mayne-Hartley Drive
Operating Crew 75
Maximum Crew Capacity 1,400
Armament None
The Arboreal-Class Colony Ship is a large colony starship class used by Wessex and Cornwall for transportation between it's space colonies. The Arboreal Class is the largest ship of the Royal Aeronautics and Space Agency's fleet, and there are currently 3 Arboreal Classes in operation. The Arboreal-Class is FTL capable, and is equipped with the Mayne-Hartley Drive. The Arboreal Class has the capability of transporting live animals and plants using 'BioPods' which can be changed to mimic planetary climatic conditions.

The Arboreal Class is produced by the Royal Aeronautic and Space Agency along with the Bristol Corporation. The ship is cheap and relatively easy to build, compared to other ships of the fleet.


The first Arboreal-Class Colony Ship, the WSV Wyvern, was produced by the Bristol Corporation and the Royal Aeronautics and Space Agency for the upcoming colonisation of New Somerset, on Mars. The first ship brought the first wave of colonists to the newly built colony, alongside other countries colonisation efforts. 

Following this, two more Arboreal Classes were comissioned by RASA, for upcoming colonisation and exploration of extra-solar systems, including the Epsilon Ceti System