The City of Argos (German: Stadt Argos, French: Ville-de-Argos) is the capital and largest city on Mars. The city is the centre of the Argosia region, which makes up a large amount of easterly territory on the island country of Elyisum. Having held historical significance since its founding, Argos dominates the political and cultural spheres of Martian life, being proclaimed the City of the Brightest Lights and the Beacon of Extraterrestrial Humanity. Founded and inhabited since 2097, Argos is one of Mars' oldest settlements, originally inhabited only by Germans. With the foundation of a single Martian government in 2131, Argos was chosen as the capital, and the island of Elysium became much more ethnically diverse, Argos along with it. The Port of Argos is the single largest maritime aeronautical port of trade on Mars, with connections spanning domestic and trans-solar routes. With massive population growth experienced in the later half of the 22nd century, Argos grew to be Mars' premier epicenter of all things related to the life of the nation. While it is not connected to the Martian mainland physically, a series of channels in the southern part of Elysium link its highway and railway networks to those of the mainland, making Argos the center of Martian land transportation networks.

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