Arisawa Heavy Industries
Type Zaibatsu
Founded August 7, 1943
Founder(s) Kazuko Arisawa
Headquarters Big Box, Grand Exchange, League of Ruling Companies
Area served Global
Industry Heavy industry
Products Industrial and military equipment, industrial vehicles
Revenue Classified
Employees 1,850,000
Arisawa Heavy Industries is a military vehicle builder and explosives producer, as well as a senior member of the League of Ruling Companies. Famed for the toughness of their products, Arisawa Industries has gained much praise in the field. The company joined the League in 1956, and moved their headquarters to Big Box in Grand Exchange after the formation of the East Asian Federation, fearing that the company would suffer under the new corporate regulations established by the EAF. The company is headed by Kazuko Arisawa, from whom the company recieves its namesake.