This article features statistics and data on military armed forces around the world.

Ground Forces

The ground forces tables depicts a total count of all ground forces personnel, not including maritime- or air force personnel. Paramilitary may include police forces, hired soldiers, mercenaries, militias and state funded terrorist groups.

Nation Active Personnel Reserve Personnel Paramilitary Forces Notes
Flag of the East Asian Federation East Asia 0 265,124 34,792

Air forces

Data on the world's air forces including active personnel, combat aircraft and unmanned vehicles. Missiles include cruise missiles, ICBM's, SLBM's and other short range/long range missiles systems.

Nation Active Personnel # Planes # Unmanned # Missiles
Flag of the East Asian Federation East Asia 608,958 3,350 646 38,250+

Maritime forces

The maritime forces data includes each type of vessel. Landing/Transport/Alt Carrier includes Assault Ships or Amphibious Carriers. Miscellanious vessels such as fast attack boats, missile boats and other small vessels are considered Patrol size craft.

Nation Active Personnel # Carriers # Battleships # Destroyers # Cruisers # Frigates # Corvettes # Missile Boats # Patrol # Submarines # Landing/Transport/Alt Carrier # Coast Guard # Total
Flag of the East Asian Federation East Asia 0 3 0 25 0 60 21 39 166 38 61 22 435

Military Technology Chart

This chart depicts YES and NO answers to military technological capabilities of Future World nations.

Nation Combat Droids Nuclear Weapons Fusion Weapons Chemical/Bio Weapons SDI Stealth Flight Space Flight/Travel ICBM's Weather Modification Laser/Plasma EMP Notes
Flag of the East Asian Federation East Asia Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes East Asia is capable of nuclear and fusion weapon development, but does not pursue them. 

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