Arthur D Everett

Arthur David Everett was a United States military officer during World War II, serving in the Marine Corps as a First Lieutenant. Everett maintained his position in the military and became a Colonel before retiring from service before the start of the Vietnam War. Arthur D. Everett is notable for his political ideologies and positions until his death in 2002 where he had written several non-fiction books about politics, his days in the military and the future of the world. He also had written a fiction novel about a future New World Order and his novel has been compared with famous books such as 1984 and Animal Farm. Arthur Everett is also well known as the source of the name for the Union of Everett. The nation was named after him in May 2003, two months before its independence. The name was chosen by then political activist Kaitlyn Rachel Spencer and supported by other members of the new nation's Advisory Counsel.

Arthur Everett had written several books since his leave of the military regarding human rights, civil rights, government corruption, activism, war and finally his last book in the 1990's about global terrorism, global instability and dangers of corrupt governments and restrictions of rights. Everett's fiction novel, When It Came, focused on the story of a future world where governments had stripped the citizens of their rights, just as had the Nazis of World War II and the Soviets of the Cold War and a global movement and change that occurred as a result of these oppressions. Everett's novel was comparable with writer George Orwell's Animal Farm and 1984 and writer Alan Moore's V For Vendetta comic series and later movie, several years after Arthur Everett's death.

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