The creation of artificial islands is one of the most valulable and important technologies in Palmares. Developed by scientists soon after the nation's independence, it has created a new scientific field (geomodification) and gained considerable wealth for the nation. 


Artificial island creation relies heavily upon the use of laser drills. Immensely expensive and higly dangerous, these drills are used to cut through the ocean floor to the magma layer, simultaneously evaporating the water which would have cooled the magma, which is instead allowed to erupt, forming a manmade volcano. When this has reached the desired height and size, the lasers are deactivated, allowing the the water to transform the molten lava into rock. Now, the islands are provided with breakwaters to slow erosion, then with dirt and sand. Grasses and trees are planted to hold these in place. Usually, the resultant island is used as a military base.  Strategic Use Since there is virtually no limit to where these islands can be constructed, Palmares has used them to seize control of important areas in international waters. They are also used to provide military bases near foreign nations, or launching pads for rockets. 

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