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ArulRail is the main passenger rail company in Arul and is run by the state. The rail system operates two kinds of trains, regional and long distance. Regional goes between cities close together and is mainly for the commute between cites and for close range travel. Long distance trains stop at more then one city and cover more ground on their routes. The regional trains are mainly Arrow III trains and the long distance ones are high speed trains called Arul Express trains. This is the main stop list for Arul Rail. Arul Terminal at Lewport Silverwell Central Station Redland Terminal 25th Street Station at Lucan These four stations are major terminals and every line goes through at least one of these places.

Arrow III train - South Orange NJ


ArulRail was not always a big company. They started out as a privately owned steam train company, when steam trains were invented. The business was good for a long time, until air travel was invented. Air travel became huge in Arul and killed the economy for passenger rail companies. The government  though, agreed to take the company and turn it around, and by building new routes and getting new trains, they revived the passenger rail business.

Economic Problems in 2010

In 2010, ArulRail ran into more problems. A economic study showed that the government is losing money when it comes to ArulRail. Due to this, they are trying to get investors help pay for the expenses and turn around the situation.

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