This article is about the bombing and invasion of Cuba by Arul.

Invasion of Cuba

The Invasion of Cuba happened when the Cubans attacked Silverwell with a ballistic missile because their Soviet superiors ordered them to. The missile destroyed a military base, which did not have many soldiers in it but was storing experimental vehicles. The missile also killed civilians, and so the Arulian public was outraged. They demanded that the government invade Cuba, and so a month after the attack the Arulian marines invaded. First they carpet bombed Havana, and second they invaded.

Manzanillo Landing

The first battle was the Manzanillo landing, when the Arulian marines launched a amphibious attack on Manzanillo, Cuba. The landing was codenamed Operation M-Day, because it is similar to D-Day. Cuban artillery fired on the marines but their fire was not coordinated well and so most marines were not hit. Off the coast of Manzanillo was a aircraft carrier and a troop carrier. The aircraft carrier launched planes to attack the Cuban artillery, and the planes destroyed most of the cannons. There were a few platoons of marines and a few platoons of Cubans. Evenly matched, the battle was tough but the Arulians prevailed due to having better trained soldiers. They took losses though, and fled into the forest outside Manzanillo. They stayed there about a day and set up camp while the troop carrier prepared to deploy the rest of the soldiers. The soldiers in the forest met up with the new soldiers and they were able to easily capture the town. The marines captured the Manzanillo airport and used it to send in reinforcements by air. With new reinforcements including tanks, they pushed forward to Las Tunas, where Cuban forces were quickly overrun. The real battle came in Santa Clara.

Battle of Santa Clara

The Arulian marines and Cuban army both knew they needed to control Santa Clara. The marines sped up their march but the Cubans arrived first and entrenched themselves outside the city. The marines encamped in the forest. The fighting was long, with both sides guerilla fighting. Eventually the air support that Arul had allowed them to break the Cuban line and rout them.

Battle of Havana

Havana was where the Cubans took their last stand. They gathered around the city and wildly fired at the marines, hoping to scare them away. They ran out of ammunition quickly but the switched to using hand to hand weapons and charged at the marines, who took heavy losses. But still, they overwhelmed the Cubans quickly. But when the marines stormed into the city, Che Guevara had escaped by plane. The rumors are that he lived out the rest of his life peacefully in Jamaica.

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