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A Arulian Marine in Vietnam


The Arulians intervened in Vietnam, helping their American allies. Specializing in guerilla combat, they went toe to toe with the Vietnamese and allowed the Americans to bomb Ho Chi Mihn City. With help, the war started to go on longer, and it dragged out. Now that the Americans were doing good, they rejected the offer to pull out.

There were more surprise attacks by the Arulians that pushed the Vietnamese back, and there was also a battle in Laos when Arulians destroyed a supply line. The war stretched on to 1976, and the Arulians and Americans were finally gaining a edge. They were closing in on Ho Chi Mihn City.

Battle of Ho Chi Mihn City

With the Americans and Arulians closing in, the Vietnamese soldiers stationed about two platoons around the city. The Americans gassed the area with deforesting gas, and now had a clear line of sight to the city. The attack started at dawn on April 1st 1976. It started with artillery bombings, weakening the city defenses. After that, ten helicopters were landed outside the city and the Arulians engaged the troops there. It was a stalemate, with both sides pulling back into the forest.

Now the soldiers planned their attack again. They encamped in the forest. With American artillery leading the way, they charged through the city and captured it. The leaders of the enemy army were also killed by the artillery fire

Lasting Impact

The Arulian intervention in Vietnam will always be known as Arul’s toughest war. They entered in 1973 and exited at the end of the war in 1976. In that time span, they lost 20,000 soldiers, who were either marines of army soldiers. Reports of the war say that the damages on Ho Chi Mihn city were over 50 billion dollars in today’s money. The war reunified Vietnam as a non communist state and the capital was renamed Saigon. There was use of NBC weapons by the Arulians, mostly chemical weapons, and in Laos they detonated a dirty bomb. The reports for the Laos war say that 20 special forces solders were killed and there were a few thousand civilian deaths as a result of the dirty bomb that the Arulians detonated.

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