Arx of Ferox
Arx of Ferox.png
The Arx of Ferox at night
Location Chukotka, Siberia
Owner Pravus International
Coordinates 44°0′55.39″N 107°57′23.87″W
Started June 2002
Completed March 2009
Height 1,000 m (3,281 ft)
Floor count 200 floors
Main contractor Huaiyi Construction
Manus Heavy Industries
Cost $274.391 billion

The Arx of Ferox is the well-defended headquarters of Pravus International, and the home of its owners and shareholders. Built inside of the territory of Chukotka, the Arx is the largest verticle-standing man-made structure in the world. Constructed near the center of Chukotka, the Arx of Ferox serves as the center of all of Pravus' building, economic, and infomation operations. The majority of the high-tech facitilies used for constructing the Deimos-class Helicarriers are located within the Arx, as well as the most dangerous and advanced of Pravus' creations.

Heavily-fortified and located far from major cities and settlements, few people or organizations with the exception of the Russian government itself have any reason to be anywhere near the Arx. Housing the majority of the Pravus leadership and technology centers, the Arx is largely left to its own devices and safe from any form of attack, with any planned assaults needing to defeat the tundra of Siberia before they can confront the Pravus security forces within and around the Arx itself.



Architecture and Design



Construction on the Arx began in 2002, with the green light from the Russian government and the Pravus Board of Directors.