Asahicorp, officially the Asahi Corporation is without a doubt the wealthiest, most powerful and politically connected corporation in the Known Universe. The Asahicorp has its dealings on every planet and its products in every home and its brand everywhere. Despite this, it is known as one of the most shadowy and corrupt organisations in the Known Universe. Asahicorp produces almost any product imaginable, from scientifically advanced Androids and Mecha to simple Sake and Coffee. 

Asahicorp is headquartered on Benzaiten, however most of its research its carried out on the scientific capital of the Known Universe, Daikoku, where the corporation is given free reign on research by the planet's government casting morals aside. Asahicorp has its tallons in every single part of the economy of the world, and has no intentions of letting go anytime soon. 


Asahicorp was founded as a small scientific research firm in the 2400's, based out of Benzaiten, it soon moved most of its business to Daikoku after it was colonised in the 2600's, and allowed for greater scientific research stripped of its morals. The corporation grew and grew, and soon enough corruption took hold, Asahicorp did'nt get where it is today by caring for their fellow man, setting out to muster as much power as it possibly could. At the beginning of 29th century, Asahicorp was the sole truly powerful megacorporation in existence, having either swallowed up its major rivals or simply saw them as no threat to their business, and by the end of the 29th century, they are on every planet, every city, every home and every person. 


Asahicorp has its tallons in almost every sector of the economy and almost every government in the Known Universe. It is known fact that Asahicorp singlehandedly supports the government of Benzaiten, and assists in Raijin's corrupt insitutions. 

Asahicorp is the main contractor for many of the Known Universe's governments, mostly with Benzaiten, where Asahi essentially is the government. Its many umbrella companies span far out into space, moving into areas such as spacecraft manufacturing, android and mecha manufacturing, computer systems, argricultural products, and many more. Asahi's spacecraft are among the most durable in the known universe, and will often outlast a typical human. 

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