Ashford Corporation
Type Multi-functional
Founded 1921
Founder(s) William Ashford
Headquarters Ashford Complex, Stauffenberg, Ackerland, Republic of Atlion
Area served Global
Key people Alexander Ashford (Chairman)
Industry Pharmaceutics, Healthcare, Defense, Energy
Divisions Ashford Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co.
Ashford Coal & Energy Co.

The Ashford Corporation is an multi-billion dollar corporation that relies off the labor population of Ackerland and it's political system. Ackerland's governor, a senetorial seat and it's main political party the Ackerland Miners Labor Party, Alexander Ashford, whom controls both the party and corporation has created a one party system dedicated to what he insures as, "Fair, pratical and for the well being of everyone.". Many national activists and politicans have called out for the Ashford Corporation to leave the political stage and remove itself from it's dominace position.

Seen currently as the largest corporation in the nation of the Republic of Atlion, it hold's position in the nations mining, oil, pharmaceutical, health and defense industries. It's also extremely powerful in the United States, Australia, Japan, China and the United Kingdom. It's headquarted in Stauffenberg, Ackerland but it's corporate offices, technical support and most recruiting grounds are located in Broker, Sagesse, Atlantia, and Intima.

The Ashford Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co. is the companies research division. It's research in chemical and pharmaceutical development is highly controversial which is conducted in the mountains of Ackerland. The Ashford Coal & Energy Co. is the companies main revenue source which conducts mineral extraction and oil extraction, it's Ackerland's main industry.

History & Foundation

Created by William Ashford in 1921 as a small mining operation in the hill of Ackerland, he struck gold, with the help of his fellow miners decided to fund the Ackerland Mineral Extraction Corporation. Becoming extremely powerful in the growing industry, William began buying his fellow boardmembers shares, whom had little faith in the sustainability of the small site. Mr. Ashford, then bought several other small plots in which he had predicted had silver, gold, coal, iorn and in rare cases diamonds. While in Mount Saint Jason, now Saint Jason's Volcano, was a large volcano created by the European-American fault which created the Ablion Island. When entering the single vein, untold amounts of diamonds were presented. Currently, the mining company has not reached pass this single vein in which William found, it's known that other veins exsist with even more riches. William began to operate not only in Ackerland, but also in other states in the Republic of Atlion.

The Ackerland National Miners Labor Party, now growing as the largest labor union inside the nation, William allowed for the party to be formally represented by the Corporation, and that he would personally forward the goals of the union workers. William would become the 5th Governor of Ackerland, with the Ackerland National Miners Labor Party as the one-party governing system. With the need for electricity inside the Republic of Atlion, William lead the Atlion Electrical Act which would ensure to have the Ashford Corporation, as well with the state government of Ackerland to provide the electrical needs of the country. To this day, the Ashford Corporation and Ackerland State Energy Board control the countries electrical power, with it's main power station Stauffenberg Coal Station.