Kingdom of Ashyaria
Ashyaria 3
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: (English)
Anthem: Capricorn - 20hz
Capital Ashmore
Largest city Istanbul
Official languages English, French, German, Standardised Slavic, Turkish, Greek, Italian
Recognised regional languages Serbian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Russian,
Ethnic groups (2027) Germanic, Romantic, Turkish, West Slavic, French, Georgian, Circassian
Demonym Ashyarian
Organisations United Phoenixus Nations
Government Parliament
• King
Tyler Barr
• Prime Minister
John Doe
Legislature Parliament of Ashyaria
Senate of Ashyaria
Parliament of Ashyaria
Union between Ash and Ayria
• Estimate
327,000,000 (2030)
• Census
323,463,235 (2026)
Currency Asham
Drives on the right
Calling code +205
Internet TLD .as
Ashyaria, Officially the Kingdom of Ashyaria is a constitutional parliamentary democracy under monarchy controlling the territorial equivalent of France, Switzerland, Northern Italy, Austria, the Balkans, Greece, Anatolia, Georgia and the caucasian nations. Like it's neighbour to the north, Xenitharia, Ashyaria was formed out of the federation between a number of smaller states. Ashyaria competed with Xentharia to control Europe, and ended up dividing the continent in a north/south manner.

Ashyaria was federated in 1433, as a personal union between Ash and Ayria, two large players, located in the European Alps and western Anatolia, respectively. This union brought an unprecidented amount of power to these nations, and began it's work towards dominating Europe. Contrasting with Xenitharia, Ashyaria was historically more inclined to annex territories by diplomatic means rather than military conquest. Ashyaria annexed the last territory that was not held by another major power contender in 1778, shortly before Xenitharia took it's last territories. The competition between Ashyaria and Xenitharia led to an arms buildup, two wars and eventual cooperation with eachother against a common enemy, Nordhal during it's attempt at conquest of the Solanist Kingdoms. Relations stabilised afterwards, though tensions fluctuated often between the two kingdoms.

Ashyaria stands in the present day still in full control over it's territories, being an international superpower.