Kingdom of Asmodia
Motto: For Justice! For Freedom! (unofficial)
Anthem: Braveheart
Capital Agamand
Largest Casande
Official languages Saasee, English
Recognised regional languages French, Old Norse
Ethnic groups (2011)

64% Mongrels
16% English people
15% Saasee people
3% French people

2% Others
Demonym Asmodese
Government Parliamentary Republic
• King
Erick II
• Prime Minister
Jill Arsord
• First state formations
Ninth century AD
• Viking Union
• First Kingdom
• British Colony
• Second Kingdom
118.872 km2 (45.897 sq mi) (100)
• 2011 census
• Density
69.52/km2 (180.1/sq mi) (135)
Gini (2011) 27.4
HDI (2011) 0.930
very high · 2
Currency Asmodian Ducat (ASD)
Time zone Asmodian Time Zone (UTC-3)
Date format YYYY-DD-MM
Drives on the left
Calling code +11
Internet TLD .aa

Asmodia, officialy Kingdom of Asmodia is an island country in northern Atlantic Ocean by the coast of Newfoundland.



Asmodia is a chain of islands in the northern Atlantic Ocean. It is located to the east of Newfoundland. The chain of islands consists of three large islands: Goloa, Pretsia and Scandee, with numerous smaller islands scattered around them. In the same time these main islands and islands around them are regions and counties.
Goloa (sometimes called: Capital Island) is the largest and western-most of three islands. Capital of Asmodia, Agamand is located in the southeastern edge of the island, hence the name. It is the most popolous and the most mountainous island. Approximately 15% of it's area is water. 60% of it's inhabitants live in the southern part of the island.
Pretsia is the smallest island of three main islands, which is located between Goloa and Scandee. It is second by population and first by density. Unlike Goloa and Scandee, whose population mainly lives in southern areas, in Pretsia it is regularly distributed around the island. Only 2% of it's area is water. It is less forested area than Scandee and Goloa, because much of it's area is agricultural land.
Scandee is the south and easternmost of three main islands. It is the least populous and the least densest of all three islands. Most of it's population lives in the south. It is mostly covered by forests.




Asmodia consists of three regions of cultural history: Goloa, Pretsia and Scandee. Each region differs by dialects, traditions, climate and relief.


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