Association of Levantine and Red Sea States
Administrative Center.
City-State of Jerusalem
Largest City.
Official languages
 - Commissioner
Security Council -
Formation: Establishment: 21 May 20xx

The Association of Levantine and Red Sea States is an economic and military alliance of nations all located in the eastern Mediterranean or along the Red Sea. Among other duties, it is directly responsible for maintaining the Suez Canal Zone after the Fourth Arab-Israeli War's conclusion.


At the end of the Fourth Arab-Israeli War, Jerusalem was declared an independent city-state (under UN administration for the next decade), and the Palestinian territories became an independent state of Palestine. This new state would remain fairly subservient to Israel, due to economic ties. They both signed the Jerusalem Accords, a treaty meant to formalize any remaining disputes. Gaza gained its independence from Palestine in 20xx, becoming the fourth sovereign party to the Accords.

At a peace conference between Israel, Gaza, Palestine, Jerusalem, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, the attending nations grudgingly agree to put aside their differences and form a military alliance against a rising Turkey, the Levant Association. The organization would be headed in the Free City of Jerusalem. The organization grants the Israelis basing rights in Jordan and Syria, among other things. This would serve as the eventual basis for the larger organization down the line.

After the Hanish Islands dispute between Yemen and Eritrea flared up into open, albeit asymmetric, warfare and threatened sea lanes through the Bab El-Mandeb, the Levant Association granted membership to Eritrea. The organization's name was changed to the Association of Levantine and Red Sea States (ALRSS) in order to account for the new addition.


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