Atamalik naq Fatoush Washerum
President of the Bosshanate
Assumed office 3 February 2304 - present
Predessecor Hasim naq Cemil Washerum
Spouse Saha bent Aidanu ben Aestyriadeu
Issues Zayed naq Atamalik Washerum
Hamdan naq Atamalik Washerum
Full name Atamalik naq Fatoush Washerum
Father Hasim naq Cemil Washerum
Mother Megra bent Dabel Al Gobal
Born 25 December 2248
Religion Jivanaism

Atamalik naq Fatoush Washerum (born 25 December 2248; referred to as Seyh Atamalik) is the President of the B&B and Ruler of Urkusaray. He succeeded to the position of Bossh of Urkusaray on the moment of his father's death, after a royal family meeting, thereby becoming the President of the B&B the next day, 3 February 2304, taking rule over from his father Hasim naq Cemil Washerum. Although Crown Prince, he had effectively been acting president earlier since the late 2290s as his father was in ill health, being in his 90's.