The Noradic peoples believe in a uniform system of gods. This Henotheist system has served the leaders of Utgraad well. The harsh winters gave rise to the belief that the gods were punishing the people's for their sins. The harsher the winter; the worse the people sinned during the Thaw. Thaw is a time where the benevolence and kindness of humans is rewarded. Any time outside of Freeze is a blessing. There are two main gods whom control much of the power (as well as the seasons) with several minor-gods. The two main gods are called Norlaag - the Great Ruler - and Valblad - the Punisher/Judge. Norlaag and Valblad battle constantly over the control of the world, according to the Noradic people, and their battles come in the form of terrible storms. Valblad will knock down Norlaag long enough to plunge the world into a blistering winter. Norlaag will recover from the blows to knock Valblad down long enough to bring Thaw to the world.

The minor gods vary by name between villages and regions, but the Utgraad tradition teaches that the gods of love - Haanab -, grain - Wernuut -, and the home - Bulnaad - refuse to take sides in the God War. They are always influencing the world depending on their moods and how bad the war between Norlaag and Valblad gets. The shrines to these minor gods are spread throughout the city, while the Grand Halls dedicated to the two main gods dominates the center of the great city. The King rules from a throne situated between two massive statues of the gods [who are about to come to blows]. No one man or woman 'rules' the faith though: that is up to the Great Mother and Father who formed the earth from a pebble.

See: for more information on the tribe which make up most of the population on Noraem. 

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