Athmir Empire
Réd’aka Aþmirþri (Athmir)
M’ùlteð Neak Aðaèmro (Udmaer)
Raðnaðhō Āðrama (Droh)
Zagylwaźvo Kśa-Aťemyrgyt (Stygyryk)
Dark Green: Athimriss
Light Green: Territories under Athmir control
Lime Green: Areas claimed by Athimriss
and Largest City
Ethnic groups 67% Athmir
11% Udmaer
11% Droh
3% Stygyryk
8% Other
Demonym Athmir
Government Semi-Federated Parliamentary Monarchy
• Emperor
Thneqali II
Foundation of Kingdom of Uthri
• Unification of the Empire
1887 BU
• Annexation of Galice
191 BU
• Total
646,182 square[convert: unknown unit] (8th)
• Estimate
59,600,000 (3rd)
• Density
92 per[convert: unknown unit] (31st)
Currency Athmir Odersi

Athimriss, officially the Athmir Empire (Athmir: Réd’aka Aþmirþri, IPA: [redʱɑkɑ ɑθmirθri]) is large nation located in western Rathnaes. Athimriss also controls the island of Zeu-Luma and claims the archipelagos of Galice and Udeb as its own. It borders Lynga to the north, Zuwia to the west, Mesemyu to the southwest, and Kereske to the south. The country covers 646,000 square miles, with a population of almost 60 million.

Athimriss is a semi-federated parliamentary monarchy, though the legislature holds little real power. Athimriss is one of the oldest continually-existing states, dating back to the Kingdom of Uthri, founded nearly 3000 years ago. Beginning about 500 years ago, Athimriss began expanding overseas and placing smaller island nations under its control. Control was often difficult maintain, and currently only Zeu-Luma and a few smaller islands remain under its control.