Welcome to the Institute of Geopolitical Studies's atlas of the world.

Nations of the world

Player nations

NOTE: To re/adopt a nation, you need to make a significant contribution to said nation first in terms of detail before adoption can take place.

Status in the the NE Flag Nation Leader Government Founded
Active Second Flag of the Allied States of America Independent States of America President Mac Timmberson Unicameral semi-unitary federal republic 15 January 2007
Blank Northern Coalition General Alexander Cornwallis Stratocracy 10 May 2008
Blank 22px American Empire Emperor Adrian I Autocracy monarchy 4 July 2007
Active Flag of the United Commonwealths of America United Commonwealths of America President John Henry Eden Semi-presidential parliamentary republic 22 August 2007
Active Flag of Unified Korea Greater Korean Republic President Sang Isuel Unitary semi-presidential republic 18 February 2008
Active Easternsaharaflag Republic of Eastern Sahara President Ahmed Shafik Democratic federal presidential republic 29 November 2011

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