The Apostolic Church of Atlion
Atlion Apostolic Church
AAP Church
Coat of arms
Motto: ''
Official languages English
Ethnic groups Atlioniens
Government Clerical
Establishment December 25th, 1801

The Atlion Apostolic Church and often called The Apostolic Church of Atlion is a Christian church located in the Republic of Atlion, founded in 1801 on Christmas Day in which followed suit with the identity of Atlion's foundation. It was formed by thea Anglican leadership whom had swore to the crown of England as devoute followers. Durning the pledge they instead pledging to a crown or nation, they pledged to God in the Cathedral of Christ in Statesport.

Several church doctrines include Universal Reconciliation, Christian Conditionalism, and several other teachings of early Christian church father Origen. The Apostolic Church maintains its position on the Trinity, which they believe in God the Son, God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. Church doctrine declares that the Bible is a guide, not law, and testimonies in which have been divinely inspired.


Leadership inside the church is heavily controlled by the Apostolic Archbishop, whom is elected by the National Congressional Board of Bishops. The election of the Apostolic Archbishop is not completely known by the open public, some have said that the Archbishop would of been picked at a small age too see if they picked toys in which they enjoyed in their past lives, this is also prevalent in Buddhism to pick the next Dali Lama.

Archbishop Matthew
The Apostolic Archbishop, elected mostly around the age of 24 and lives a life of devotion to God living in a small cottage in the Ablion Mountains, he is not allowed to gain any income or allowed to live in any structure larger then a public church. Several duties of the Archbishop is to wash the feet of his followers, cleans churches, raise money for the sick and poor, and to develop good dialog between the church and state.

Current Apostolic Archbishop Matthew, whom is currently fity was elected in 1971 as the leader of the church, he has been an avid speaker on HIV prevention, prevention of sickness in Africa and Southern Asia. His dialoge with Islamic leadership turned in 2012 when he called out for Muslims too, "Banish your chains and destroy that of radical Islam, this is the only way to peace."